If You Plan On Celebrating 4/20 Like A True Stoner, You Need These 10 Essential Weed Products

by Robert Anthony

With 4/20 quickly approaching, it's only natural that we probably completely forgot about the most wonderful day of the year (besides your birthday, of course).

Maybe you were busy up until now, but let's face it, you probably forgot because you're a true stoner.

If you don't smoke weed and you also happen to be scared of heights, consider 4/20 the day that you face your fears.

Regardless, it's only a couple of days away and you need to make sure you're prepared in the best ways possible. Don't rely on your one bong to do the trick.

You're going to want to make sure you're providing everything needed to celebrate the holiday. Does Santa show up to Christmas bearing one gift? Nope. Then don't think it's okay to limit yourself to a bag of shake and your high school bowl!

Below are the 10 weed products that you need to have if you plan on celebrating 4/20 like a true stoner.

10. G FarmaLabs' Mint Meltaway Truffles

If you're looking to add an entirely different element to your 4/20 experience this year, you're going to want to make sure the quality of your edibles are the best of the best.

These Mint Meltaway Truffles from G FarmaLabs should do the trick. They come in a case of eight and feature a total of 200mg of THC. You have one of these and you'll be on the moon.

9. 24K Gold Rolling Papers

You've probably heard about these flashy rolling papers from friends or by just simply surfing the Web. You probably also thought they didn't actually exist. The awesome part? They do.

They're called Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers. And if you plan on rolling an endless amount of joints, do yourself a favor and at least make sure one of them is wrapped in gold!

8. The Volcano Digit

Do you have a thing for vaporizers? If you have one, it's probably a small one that fits right in into your pocket. What if you had a stationary one at home that allowed you to superheat marijuana and get you even higher?

Well, that'd mean you'd have the Volcano Digit. It basically looks like a little stove with a digital screen that tells you exactly what temperature you're heating up your bud at. If you have one of these, you've successfully gotten with the times.

7. GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room

This is next-level and you'll probably need to have already had this if you're looking to utilize it on 4/20. It's never too late to update your gear though. Introducing: the GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room.

It's exactly what it sounds like. Basically, you can grow weed anywhere in the world with this tent structure.

It serves as cannabis' own separate environment without having to fork over too much money to be able to have the proper things to grow your own.

6. Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

What's the point of having a vaporizer if it's not a Pax?! If you're looking for a quality device, look no further than this. Not only does it work great, it also looks awesome. Having one of these in your hands is equivalent to having the future right before you.

You can also choose from a selection of various colors including emerald, black, blue and purple. If you're spending your 4/20 in the outdoors and you wish to be discrete, the Pax is the only way to go.

5. Write and Erase 4/20 Jars

On 4,20, it's natural to have way too much weed laying around the house. This is exactly why you need these write-and-erase 4/20 jars. There's no point in experimenting with new strains if you're not going to keep track of them.

They lock in the beautiful scent and they preserve potency. Don't think of it as growing up or cleaning up your act. That's no fun. Think of it as opening new doors... or lids, rather, to a world full of cannabis!

4. Kannastor Grinders

Don't waste weed. Make sure you have a solid, reliable grinder. If you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth, pick up a Kannastor grinder. The promotional video is hilarious because marijuana isn't mentioned once. But the hints are there.

If you want a cool grinder with a see-through top and glass jar below the main grinding compartment, Kannastor grinders are the way to go.

3. Transformer Tubes

The only thing worse than breaking a bong is dealing with the aftermath of a broken bong. It doesn't matter if it was broken on a regular day or on 4/20. It still has the same effect -- pure misery.

That's exactly why you should overnight a couple of Transformer Tubes to your doorstep. They're cheaper than your best glassware and this is mainly due to the simple fact that they're made out of plastic.

Aside for their tough exterior, Transformer Tubes are offered in a super-wide variety of colors and other customizations.

2. V Syndicate Grinder Card

Can't get your hands on one of those Kannastor grinders we mentioned earlier? No problem. Look around for V Syndicate Grinder Cards. They're easy to transport, easy to clean and super effective.

Each of them will work as your own personal mini-grinder when you're looking to roll a quick joint. I wouldn't recommend using one of these every day. For that, you're going to want to invest in an actual grinder but this is great to have in your wallet for easy use.

1.  Stoner Chicks

This is all you need and there is no price tag on this. Spend your 4/20 the right way by having positive vibes around you at all times. This is where stoner chicks come in.

They're loyal, they're good with marijuana and most of all, they probably already have all of the things on this list, so you should be all set if you have a good pack of stoner chicks with you. Check out the video above for a closer look at what we're talking about!

Top photo courtesy of Vincent Masuoka