Here's How To Throw An Epic Marijuana Edibles Party

by The Kind

What is the point of getting high if you can't get high with a select number of the favorite people in your life? I decided to invite over four of my closest friends in LA and trap them in my apartment for six hours.

The pitch was simple and hard to resist: I will provide the weed edibles, the snacks and the space for us all to hang out. In return, they were the captive audience for my first official edible party.

I was desperately seeking a full night discussing our favorite music, films, hopes and dreams while we noshed, played board games and even filled in adult coloring books.

Bonding with friends while your inhibitions and social worries are down is cathartic.

You can't share an evening of mild marijuana intoxication with a group of like-minded acquaintances and not be closer to them in the morning.

The theme of my edible party was Drunk History, as in, I invited people over to binge-watch the Comedy Central show where comedians get wasted then retell lesser-known history tales. There is something majestic about being high and watching drunk people struggle to function -- all from the comfort of your own couch!

The edibles party is my favorite way of medicating at social affairs. In a safe environment, chowing down THC-infused foodstuffs with like-minded cohorts is the most fun you can have on a Friday night.

Don't be worried about fucking things up; I'm here to guide you through it.

Step 1: Get Your Edibles

It's important to have variety at your edible party. Variety is the spice of life and all. Take a trip to your preferred dispensary, and go buck-wild. My preferred merchant is The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks.

They stock weed pop-tarts, multi-flavored lollipops (strawberry-banana) and weed popcorn. Make sure to grab a few different strains, dosages, and taste options. Let's be honest; edibles aren't always the most palatable item you can put in your mouth.

Since my friends are picky little things, I made sure to cover several bases.

Step 2: Pick Your Party Mates

This is arguably the most crucial step of the process. If you pick people who'll complain the whole time that they're bored, or that they're freaking out, or people who are notorious high cries, your party will suck.

Invite your closest friends; the ones you can tolerate through the good times and the bad. If you know a personable acquaintance who is stoked to have three-hour conversations about how vast the universe is, invite that person.

Picking people who are enjoyable to be around high is key.

Step 3: Set Your Party Vibe

The variations on the edible party are endless. If you're into gaming while medicating, have an edible Mario... edible party. If you're really into action movies, make those your thing.

Whatever you enjoy doing the most while high and with your favorite people should be the obvious theme. If your obvious theme happens to be a "Star Wars" marathon, you and your friends are just awesome.

Step 4: Snacks

Edibles are notorious for giving users the munchies; aka you want to eat everything in fucking sight. Besides stocking up on edibles, make sure you load the refrigerator and kitchen counter with actual snacks you can binge.

Stock up on easy bites like pretzels, hummus, canned sodas, water and hot pockets.

Ensure that everyone has something they'll enjoy through very little effort while they're vibing out.

Even with all these snacks, be prepared to order pizza halfway through. The stoned heart wants what it wants.

Step 5: KICS: Keep It Comfy, Stupid.

Admittedly not as catchy as KISS, KICS is extremely important when an edible party stretches into any duration beyond a quarter hour. Do you know who likes to sit on a hard floor while high? No one.

Your pals may be content to perch on uncomfortable dining room chairs before the beat drops. But once they're high as hell, they want a couch or a really comfortable blanket to curl up under. Make sure your chilling area is filled with an assortment of blankets, pillows, comforters, pads and cushions. If it looks like you're about to throw an orgy, you're doing it right.

When my friends arrived, I had them hand me their smartphones in exchange for an edible. I wanted all of us to focus on each other instead of tweeting while high. Plus, I felt it was morally irresponsible to get people out of their minds high and leave them to their own mobile devices. For all I know, they could be tweeting out to their boss that they're on another planet.

For an hour, we sat around and caught up on what everyone had been up to since the last time I saw them. The “beat” dropped, and everyone was pretty stoned and giggly.

We spent the next six hours telling each other how much we loved being around each other, spouting random hopes and dreams during Hulu commercial breaks, and eating so much food we needed to remind each other that it was a “no judgement zone.”

I went to bed that night feeling elated and more fulfilled than I had in awhile.

There is a type of warmth that comes from being around shared-edible love that doesn't leave you so easily.

In short, an edible party is really an excuse to keep your friends at your house for six-plus hours at a time. If you love your friends like I do, all the steps will be as simple as making sure they're in the chillest possible environment.

Gather the ones you love, pick an awesome theme so no one steps up to debate what the hell to do when everyone is stoned, and stock up on snacks.

Edible parties are the new Catalina Wine Mixer. Or not, I can't make any promises.

This post was originally written by Shawn Binder for The Kind.

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