20 Guys With Hipster Haircuts Who Are Actually Hot (Photos)

There’s a hipster epidemic that's been spreading across the world like wildfire as dudes forgo the metrosexual look for manly beards, plaid shirts and PBR.

While no two hipsters are completely alike (because that would be way too mainstream) one way you can identify a hipster is by his distinct haircut.

These alternative guys have mastered the messy man bun, made the undercut effortlessly cool and brought back the pompadour with a vengeance.

While sometimes it's hard to decipher a hipster haircut from a homeless haircut, there are some guys out there who make hipster hair look extremely hot.

I know, it's hard to believe, but these dudes really do exist.

Don't worry ladies, all these tempting hipster tresses are organic and locally grown.

Take a look at the pictures below to see guys with hipster haircuts who are actually hot.

Who knew hipster hair could be so damn hot?

That artisanal vegan latte isn't the only hot thing in here.

His hairstyle is like a vintage work of art.

These luscious hipster locks look simply divine.

He only uses locally sourced hair gel.

Nothing is hotter than muscles and man buns.

You can borrow one of my hair ties any day.

He only uses organic shampoo.

He made messy hair look irresistibly sexy before it was cool.

Just look at those flowing locks.

That dapper 'do really suits him.

This hipster hairstyle makes him a total pussycat magnet.

I love it when a guy's hipster hair matches his eyes.

You don't need glasses to see these dudes are seriously smoking.

This guy is the master of messy man buns.

Is that seat taken?

There's something seriously sexy about a dude with long locks.

That thrift shop scarf perfectly complements his hipster cut.

It should be illegal to look that good.

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle on the floor.