Hip-Hop Valentine's Day Cards Are The Best Way To Express Your Love (Photos)

There's no better time than Valentine's Day to finally tell that special someone how you feel.

If you can't muster up enough courage to tell the person face-to-face, you can always convey your emotions through a romantic Valentine's Day card.

But sometimes finding the right words to express your undying love can be a bit tricky, to say the least.

Luckily, some genius is selling a series of hip-hop-inspired Valentines on Etsy, and these comical cards are way cooler than those lame Valentines you used to hand out to all of your crushes in elementary school.

Created by the Canadian artist Diamond Donatello Gates, the hilarious cards perfectly transform rappers and pop culture icons into clever lovers who would make Cupid proud.

From meaningful messages inspired by Jay Z and Beyoncé to a picture of Bobby Shmurda wearing wings, these cards find all of the right words you never quite knew how to say to Bae.

Because, let's be real, nothing shows someone how much you care like comparing your feelings to Kanye's everlasting love for -- you guessed it -- himself.

If your significant other can't appreciate one of these Valentine's Day cards, you better get on Tinder and start looking for someone with a better sense of humor.

Kanye West

Jay Z and Beyoncé

Action Bronson


There's no deeper love than this.

Destiny's Child

Wu-Tang Clan

Kanye power couple

50 Cent

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Bobby Shmurda


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