Glorious Hip-Hop Brunch Lets You Wine And Dine Like Beyoncé And Jay Z

I've always thought of brunch as a bougie weekend breakfast gathering, where you can ease the pain of your hangover with sunglasses and bottomless mimosas, all while bragging about last night's blackout between bites of eggs.

Then, I moved to the city and realized not all brunches are created equal.

Don't get me wrong: In every metropolis, you'll find tons of places that display the stereotypical scene of well-dressed brunch-goers sipping on fancy lattes and shamelessly Snapchatting their gluten-free blueberry pancakes.

However, you might be surprised to know there are also some "brunches" where the booze flows freely, loud music fills the air and overpriced oatmeal is nowhere to be found.

It's a brunch in which the lights are turned low, bandage dresses are the norm and drunkenly dancing on tables at 2 in the afternoon is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

This glorious weekend gathering, my friends, is known as Hip Hop Brunch LDN.

That's right: We just came across a hip-hop-themed brunch party in London that will forever change the way you eat breakfast on the weekend.

Inside this lit AF brunch party, you'll find a dope decor filled with cardboard cutouts of album covers, inflatable boomboxes and neon microphones.

Rather than filling your glasses with watered-down mimosas, this almighty brunch blesses you with an hour of bottomless, brightly-colored cocktails you'll actually WANT to drink.

Once you've gotten sufficiently shit faced off those free drinks, you can stuff your face with three courses of soul food. The brunch includes dishes like "Beyoncé's Baked Chicken" and "Snoop's Vegetable Fajita."

Then, you can turn up in true diva fashion as you listen to the hottest hip-hop mix tapes and dance like a goddamn brunching Beyoncé.

Plus, Hip Hop Brunch LDN has a temporary tattoo artist and magician onsite... because WHY THE HELL NOT?

If you're wondering how you can snag a spot on the guest list, it's simple.

All you have to do is go to Hip Hop Brunch LDN's website, put in a request for the brunch slot you'd like to attend and pray to Queen Bey you actually make it on the list. Good luck!

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