Hilarious Conversations Depict What Life Would Be Like If Your Dog Could Text (Photos)

What would your inbox look like if your dog could send text messages? There's a Tumblr page called "Text From Dog" that is dedicated to depicting exactly what types of messages dog owners would get if their best friends could text.

The screenshots are simply hilarious because we know our dogs would send these exact messages.

Whether they're giving you way too much information about their bowel movements or confessing to destroying the house before you even get home to see it, here are a few good reasons why you should teach your dog to text!

Check out the screen shots below and prepare to laugh!

They would text you to justify playing with toilet paper.

They're brutally honest.

They'd use their phones to complain about those hilarious cones on their heads.

If dogs could text, they'd have an endless amount of strange, obscure questions for you.

They'd try to get their Snoop Dogg on.

They're pretty funny.

When you get home, they'll text you before they freak out and run around in circles for 15 minutes.

Barking at their own farts. It's what dogs do.

They'll text you the names of their pet fleas.

At least they'd be able to text you and tell you that they destroyed the Christmas tree before you see it for yourself.

At least you'd be able to cheer them up with picture messages.

Text messaging doubles as a confessional for them.

They're mischievous.

Although they've figured out their iPhone, they haven't figured out their tail just yet!

"Tasted important."

Their "I miss you" texts are the best.

They'll ruthlessly call out your sex addiction.

They'll show their best friends how to text, too.

They think you're their butler.

"Let's get fat."

"You fed me twice. This is the greatest day of my entire life."

Their dog friends drive.

"Remember when you paid someone to cut my balls off."

Get ready to learn TMI a few times when texting your dog.

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