8 Calorie-Packed Foods You'll Find In Singapore's Hawker Centre

by UnzippedTV
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It's cheap, yummy and super accessible: Hawker food has a special place in every Singaporean's heart.

And that's why I'm sorry for dropping this bomb. Here's the thing: Some of our favourite hawker foods are LOADED with calories.

Like, it will shock you just how many calories are in a bowl of laksa.

The Unzippedtv team rounded up some of our favourite Hawker Centre foods, and found out just how sinful they really are.

And don't worry; we won't leave you hanging.

We've also provided a healthier alternative for each of these foods:

1. Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup (With Evaporated Milk)

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Calories: 730kcal

Don't be fooled by the soup or the fish; this dish isn't as healthy as it seems.

The main culprits of the jacked up calorie count in this dish are the fried fish and the evaporated milk, so if you're looking for a healthier option, go for the lighter SlicedFish Bee Hoon Soup (349kcal) instead.

2. Hokkien Mee

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Calories: 522kcal

We Singaporeans LOVE our Hokkien Mee, but the lard and fats in this dish make it an unhealthy meal option.

If you're on the lookout for a lower calorie alternative with that same prawn flavor you love in your Hokkien Mee, opt for some Prawn Mee Soup (294kcal) instead.

And, just FYI, Dry Prawn Mee has 461kcal.

3. Egg Prata x 2

Calories: 576kcal

Singaporeans love their prata – especially for breakfast – so asking us to give it up would be, well, crazy.

But we propose something similar you just might like, maybe even better than prata: Thosai (97kcal).

It's a little bit bigger than prata, but with far fewer calories, so it's definitely worth a try.

4. Waffle with Kaya

Calories: 400kcal

Although it seems like a harmless snack, all the sugar and coconut in the kaya will cost you more calories than a proper meal.

If you want something that's quick, easy to prepare and that you can take on the go, opt for a peanut butter sandwich (300kcal) instead.

Plus, the protein from the peanut butter will keep you feeling full for a longer time.

5. Kway Chap

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Calories: 650kcal

This one came as a huge shock to me as well.

If you love a strong, meaty broth, why not go for another local favourite, Bah Kut Teh (324kcal), instead? With leaner cuts of meat, it'll be much friendlier on your waistline.

6. Rojak

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Calories: 558kcal

With dough fritters, heaps of sugar and sauces, it's no surprise that this side dish isn't exactly low in calories.

If you're looking for something small to share among family or friends, or just to fill yourself up, have Popiah (188kcal) instead.

Typically, you'll be able to find it at the same stall that sells your Rojak.

 7. Char Kway Teow

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Calories: 745kcal

One of the most well-known unhealthy hawker dishes, char kway teow is something we all crave once in a while.

While it's fine to have it once in a blue moon, if you find yourself constantly craving it, you might want to replace this with a bowl of fishball noodle soup (372kcal) instead.

It only has half the calories a plate of char kway teow does,

 8. Laksa

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Calories: 700kcal

It's hard to find a substitute for Laksa, but at 700kcal a bowl, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

We recommend switching to a bowl of yong tau foo soup (294kcal) if you're a fan of the stuff you find in a bowl of laksa.

Although you'll be missing out on that amazing laksa gravy, I'd say with the amount of calories saved, it's not a bad exchange.

As Singaporeans, Hawker food is near and dear to our hearts.

It's our comfort food, our budget food and it's our favourite cheat food.

While we're all for eating whatever you like, sometimes, a little restraint is good for us and our bodies -- especially when it comes to our sinful Hawker foods.

Every now and then, pick the healthier alternative and you'll definitely see and feel the difference.

Are you a Hawker food lover as well?

If you found this article useful, share it with your friends. Hopefully, they won't be too shocked by how many calories there are hidden in their favourite hawker dishes.

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