Pork Lovers, Rejoice: This Healthy Seaweed Actually Tastes Like Bacon (Photos)

It's good to know we may never have to deal with a bacon shortage.

And that's all thanks to dulse, a type of seaweed.

The red-colored seaweed could be the next best bacon alternative. Not only is it tasty, it's also low in calories and high in protein!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a superfood that reportedly tastes like bacon... The possibilities are endless!

Not only can you steer your health in the right direction by including it in your meals, but it tastes like one of America's favorite foods.

Do you know what this means for vegetarians around the world?!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

This is dulse, a type of seaweed.

At first sight, you might think it's some kind of bacon from space.

It kind of is, except it's found in the deep sea.

According to Mashable, Chris Langdon, a researcher at Oregon State University, has been studying dulse and managed to patent it after 15 years of research.

After discovering when it is fried, dulse tastes like bacon, all hell broke loose.

This means vegetarians can infuse bacon flavor into their meals!

If you're ever looking to try something new and different, or you're just curious if it actually tastes like bacon, pick some up!

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