This Inspiring Video Follows Guys As They Try 30 New Things In 30 Days

Tired of the same daily routine? Take notes from these guys.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Generation Y Not, we're introduced to four friends who set out on a quest to change their lives one day at a time.

The video starts off with a news segment claiming Millennials are thought to be "lazy, self-absorbed and needy." Shortly after, a Montreal-based college graduate named Thomas Brag appears and states the Millennial generation may have been misunderstood.

After meeting three complete strangers this past summer, Thomas Brag realized he and these strangers, who would soon become his close friends, have one thing in common: They want to prove the world wrong about Generation-Y.

We're not lazy narcissists. We're actually determined, motivated and hungry for success. But given some of the circumstances we're born into, immediate success isn't always a reality. That's life.

Instead of sitting and feeling sorry for himself, Thomas, along with Matt, Ammar and Derin, created a short video titled "How We Turned Our Lives Around In 30 Days" where they try something new every single day.

In an email, Matt Dajer revealed,

With about $500 to spare and living in a one-bedroom apartment, we planned, filmed and edited a video of each day’s story.

Check out the video above for a closer look.