Creative Guy Turns A Bumper Car Into An Awesome Street-Legal Ride (Video)

Living in a big city can be stressful.

From over-crowded sidewalks to brutal traffic jams and scarce parking, anyone who's lived in a major metropolitan area knows the pain all too well. The over-crowded sidewalks? There's a fix for that -- just bravely walk in the street, but use caution.

But what's the fix for those brutal parking situations? Everyone knows public transportation sucks 10 times more than a traffic jams ever could. Well, in a recent video shot by Jonathan Pow for Barcroft Cars, we're introduced to Tom Evans, a 69-year-old man who took matters into his own hands and made a bumper car street-legal.

If you know anything about bumper cars, you know they're typically smaller than the average car but don't look nearly as weak as Smart cars do. Alright, sorry for the tasteless jab at Smart cars, but let's face it, not too many people want to be spotted pushing one of those!

Instead, Evans took matters into his own hands and made an amusement park attraction street-ready.

The video's description reads,

The tiny car has working lights, indicators, a petrol gauge and even a tax disc to prove its legality to incredulous onlookers. His wife and two sons bought the dodgem car for the young-at-heart driver two years ago.


Check out the video above for a closer look at this awesome DIY creation.

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