Girl Puts Guy On Blast After He Says She Should 'F*cking Lose Weight'

Let's face it, the Internet is full of trolling haters who can be pretty mean.

But Christina Topacio is one clever gal who never lets the haters bring her down.

Topacio is a frequent social media user who often uploads snapshots of herself onto her blog.

Yesterday, Topacio received a nasty message from someone saying he “would consider dating her," but she needed to “f*cking lose weight."

After sending the best response of all time, a photo of her eating Chipotle, Topacio retaliated by taking a screen shot of the convo and calling him out on Twitter to show others “how damaging relationships like these are."

Her message was retweeted by tons of people who were appalled by this man's body-shaming remarks, and her tweet was even shared on the Instagram account Bye Felipe, which features harassing messages women receive from men after rejecting them online.

By sharing her story with others, Topacio hopes to start a movement and "cause the change we need to start seeing about how men abuse women in such a way.”

Meet Christina Topacio.


Topacio is no stranger to social media, and she frequently posts photos of herself on her blog.


Yesterday, she received this message.

What seems to start off as a nice message quickly turns into this assh*le telling Topacio she needs to "f*cking lose weight."

He says maybe he's a "superficial assh*le."

Instead of letting this guy get to her, she responded with the most epic reply of all time: a photo of her eating Chipotle.

Then Topacio called him out on Twitter.

Being told I need to "fucking lose weight" so much it kills someone and it being the ONLY reason why a man doesn't want me is beyond.. — Christina Topacio (@profreshstyle) June 3, 2015

People immediately began retweeting her message, and her body-shaming story was shared on the Instagram account Bye Felipe.

Take a look at the tweets below to see how people are responding to her story on Twitter.

[caption id="attachment_1054223" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Twitter[/caption] Props to @profreshstyle by responding to body shaming by texting back a picture of herself eating nachos. Internet, let's make that a thing. — Your Mom (@MostBoringGirl) June 3, 2015

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