Sweet Revenge: This Guy Paid For His Speeding Ticket With 22,000 Pennies


Ever get a parking or speeding ticket you felt you didn't deserve? We've all been there.

Let's be honest, parking 1 inch closer to a fire hydrant than the legal limit shouldn't be worth a $125 fine. But in some places, it is. And sometimes, it's more! Regardless, getting a traffic ticket is never fun.

But how do you get back at the quintessential apathetic traffic cop without doing anything you might regret?!

In a recent video by Brett Sanders, the avid YouTuber reveals his latest quarrel with police. Sanders was issued a $212 speeding ticket after cruising at a speed of 39 mph while in a 30 mph zone somewhere in Frisco, Texas.

He first attempted to fight the ticket but quickly lost the battle. Feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of the whole ordeal, Sanders came up with a plan on how he was going to get back at "the man."

Sanders showed up to pay his speeding ticket with 22,000 pennies.

The best part? The city notified Sanders to let him know he had $8 in change waiting for him.

So, was this a douche-bag move or a well-deserved strategy to really get back at the system?

Personally, I think it was kind of douche-baggy.

Especially since the clerk behind the counter while Sanders is dumping pennies on her desk wasn't necessarily the traffic cop who issued the ticket.

Why should she have to suffer?!

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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