This Guy Nearly Wrecks A $250,000 Ferrari While Filming A Video Like A Fool

With all of the privileged automobile YouTubers out there, surrounding themselves with some of the most luxurious and expensive vehicles the web's ever seen, you have to wonder: has anything ever gone wrong?

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Marchettino, the well-respected car enthusiast borrows a Ferrari 458 Italia (a $250,000 car for those wondering) for a test drive video. During the drive, the last thing Marchettino would ever want to happen... happens.

It turns out, the hood of the Ferrari was never locked, causing it to lift up as Marchettino hit the gas. This unfortunate mistake, on someone's part, resulted in a cracked windshield and a really good YouTube video.

I can only imagine how Marchettino was feeling after this happened. I mean, even borrowing someone's iPhone USB cord is a big deal these days, let alone a supercar very few people can actually afford.

Check out the video above for a closer look and just be happy it wasn't you... or your car.

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