Guy Jumps Off Building, Slides Down Roof And Lands On Stairs Just Because YOLO (Video)

Ever since GoPro cameras were created, an endless amount of bizarre stunts has been attempted just for fun. That means a lot of people have felt inclined to jump off of buildings and backflip off of yachts just for YouTube gold.

However, no one pulls these stunts off better than the pros! Professional stuntman Ethan Swanson took part in a recently uploaded video on YouTube that shows the daredevil waking up, jumping off of a building, sliding down a steep roof and landing on stairs just for fun.

I guess a morning Netflix session was too underwhelming for Swanson.

Check out the "Epic Roof Jump" above for a closer look at this insane stunt. Oh, and leave the craziness to the professionals!

H/T: Sploid