Guy's Epic Trip Across Europe Will Give You Serious Wanderlust (Video)

It seems like everyone is trading in a 9-to-5 job to travel around the world these days.

Recently, Logan Dodds jumped on the bandwagon and spent several months trekking through Europe.

However, instead of capturing his experiences through pictures alone, Dodds documented all of his fun-filled adventures with a GoPro camera. Talk about a brilliant way to relive all the memories of your summer vacation.

The video, titled "Summer Daze," starts out with what appears to be Dodds ditching his construction job for a sky-high ride overseas.

From there, it's not long before he's riding roller coasters, soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches, drinking beer with locals, exploring waterfalls and attending all sorts of epic parties.

It's not hard to see Dodds clearly had one hell of a time this summer, and it's pretty much impossible to watch this video without getting a serious case of wanderlust.

Check out the video above for a closer look at all of his incredible European experiences.