Guy Takes His Date For Epic Ride In This Insane Electric Lounge Chair

We've all been on some dates that are pretty interesting to say the least.

But, I'm pretty certain none of your weird Tinder dates can compare to the romantic escapades of one California couple.

According to a thread in the r/LosAngeles subreddit, a dude was recently spotted driving down Sawtelle Boulevard in Los Angeles with his date... in an epic, electric lounge chair.

Yes, you read that correctly.

This couch potato actually picked his date up for a night on the town in a bougie Papasan electric wheelchair.

Apparently, the two were on their way to karaoke, and after a couple hours of what I assume included serenading his date with old pop songs, the guy did a couple of doughnuts in the parking lot with this bad boy before wheeling his date home in style.

It seems like the woman was actually pretty into it, because another Reddit user apparently saw these laid-back lovers cruising across Pico Boulevard in their pimped-out chair a couple weeks later, and this time they weren't even wearing shoes!

Yep, if there's one thing we can learn from this genius, it's you should always leave the fancy sports cars at home when trying to impress the ladies.

Check out the pictures and video below to see this hilarious ride.

Redditors recently spotted a dude driving his date in Los Angeles in a swagged-out, motorized lounge chair complete with an attached footrest, of course.


Reddit user ReasonsWhyIDrink, who witnessed the two, said, "He chained up his contraption to the bike post, and waltzed inside the karaoke bar with a stupid sh*t eating grin on his face."


If that's not enough to make you laugh, you'll be glad to know the guy continued to impress his date by doing some doughnuts in this damn thing before peeling out of the parking lot.

I guess he clearly did something right, because not too long after the first outing, the couple was spotted on a second date.


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