Guy Books A Vacation While Wasted And Ends Up Having An Amazing Trip (Photos)

Everyone makes questionable decisions while intoxicated. These things happen.

But have you ever made a questionable, drunken decision and didn't regret it in the long run as you normally would? One guy proved not all drunken decisions are bad decisions.

According to the Independent, a Glasgow, Scotland-based man named Jamie Ather made the best decision of his life when he accidentally booked a trip to Brazil while he was completely wasted.

Normally, you'd want to hurt yourself the next morning for doing such a thing.

But after booking an $800 flight from Glasgow to Rio de Janeiro, Ather decided to take the trip and ended up with zero regrets.

He was able to experience things he wouldn't have experienced if he was sober enough to stop himself from booking this trip to Brazil.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

Meet 22-year-old Jamie Ather. As you can see here, he clearly likes to drink.

As a matter of fact, he likes drinking so much, he made headlines because of it!

Ather got stupid wasted one night and booked a flight to Brazil. Normally, you'd regret making a drunken decision like that, but Ather doesn't regret a thing!

His trip to Brazil turned out to be a blast. He was able to get to Machu Picchu, Peru...

And pay a visit to a sloth sanctuary...

...and he even got a chance to venture to the very top of the Pedra da Gávea.

Lesson learned: Next time you make a questionable decision, try to make the best of it -- especially if it involves drinking and traveling!

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