Guy Amazingly Uses Connect Four To Get Girls To Talk To Him On Tinder

We've all seen some pretty impressive pick-up lines when it comes to a guy trying to get a girl's attention on Tinder.

But, one guy has taken his Tinder game to the next level. Literally.

Instead of trying to impress girls with pictures or witty song lyrics, this clever guy uses Connect Four to secure himself a date after he swipes. If Connect Four isn't her thing, don't worry. He also figured out that a game of tic-tac-toe works just as well.

That's right, this guy finally cracked the Tinder code and showed the world that all you have to do to get a girl's number these days is challenge her to a good, old-fashioned game.

Then make the loser give up her number, of course. Simply ingenious.

Take a look at the images below to see how this guy gets Tinder dates using Connect Four.

Forget the cheesy pick-up lines. This Connect Four board will really get her attention.


Then all you need to do is win...

...and claim your 10 digit prize.

If she's really bad at it...

...That makes getting her number even easier.

Even if she's catching on to your sneaky trick...

...She'll probably still give you her number after she loses the game.

Time after time, using this ingenious method...

 ....always works like charm.

If you start to get tired of Connect Four, you can also whip another game out of your arsenal of emoji.

See, tic-tac-toe works just as well.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can challenge her to an intellectual game of chess.

However, after you win, you should probably stick to just asking for her number.

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