Here's What It's Like To Go Grocery Shopping In A $1.4 Million Supercar

by Robert Anthony

Why is it the best-looking, most expensive cars are always the most impractical?

You work so hard to be able to walk into a Ferrari dealership and spend $250,000 on a brand new canary yellow 458 Italia, only to find out you barely have room for a duffle bag.

And, we're supposed to call it a "supercar...?"

Essentially, you're paying more to have less. I guess that's just the way the world works!

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Speedracer38, we're taken along for a ride to a Whole Foods in Connecticut. Now, this isn't just any old trip to the market.

The journey is made in a Pagani Huayra, an Italian supercar is known for its unique looks, ability to hit incredibly high speeds and, of course, its even higher price tag.

Care to guess how much this thing is? Try a grand total of $1.4 million!

For that price, you'd think you'd have enough room for the whole family when, in fact, you get the complete opposite. So, what's it like using a supercar like this to accomplish your basic daily tasks?

Well, aside from everyone constantly crowding around your car to snap photos for their Instagram accounts, it's impossible to get anything done... Or is it?

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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