Insane Pizza Made With Grilled Cheese Crust Looks Too Good To Be True (Photos)

Looking for a cheesy way to spruce up your homemade pizza? This should do the trick!

Amy Erickson over at the Oh, Bite It! food blog came up with a pretty tasty way to reinvent your pizza crust. It's not rocket science. It simply involves two of the best foods in the world: grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza!

In a description of the recipe, Erickson revealed,

I've stuffed the entire crust, not just the edges, in what turned out to be one giant grilled cheese, topped with everything we know and love about pizza!... There will be zero 'crust waste' with this pizza… In fact, I'd say with this one, the crust is the BEST part!

Zero "crust waste"? Sign me up!

If you're an avid pizza crust-abandoner, you can kiss that dirty, old habit goodbye. This recipe will ensure no crust is left behind.

Check out the mouthwatering photos below for a closer look!

Do you struggle to finish your pizza crust? If so, you might want to test this recipe out next time you bake a homemade pizza.

It's called the Grilled Cheese Crust Pizza.

The concept is simple: It's a pizza and a grilled cheese sandwich at the same time. Can you handle it?

All you need to have on hand are the traditional ingredients needed to bake a homemade pizza pie, as well as eight to 10 American cheese slices.

The cheese slices are placed directly on pizza dough, topped with more dough and then covered with sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Here's the finished product.

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