Someone Put Beer Pong On Top Of Roombas And These Grandmas Crushed It

Obsev Entertainment on YouTube

Just last week, the world was introduced to a brand new way to play beer pong. Strangely enough, it involves the use of Roomba vacuum cleaners.

That's right. Instead of playing beer pong on a table full of stationary solo cups, you simply place your plastic red cups on the Roomba. Then let that little round vac roam mindlessly around on the table as you try to sink your ping pong balls into the moving cups.

Clearly, the game is already catching on, because now the elderly are putting their pong skills to the test by getting in on the Roomba Pong trend. No really, this new game has even managed to catch the attention of the senior citizen community.

Obsev Studios recently had a group of grandmas play the beer pong game and it's just as glorious as you would expect.

The grannies quickly learned you can't predict the Roomba's movements and although they look like Shaq at the free throw line, they eventually hit a few shots on the moving target.

You go, Grams!

Take a look at the video for a closer look at these grandmas playing Roomba Pong and check out Foodbeast for more awesome food stories.