Gotta Smoke 'Em All! These Pokémon Bongs And Bowls Are A Must For Gen-Y Stoners

by Lauren Martin

Anyone who didn't watch "Pokemon" as a kid was just a f*cking loser. And anyone thinks that the people who created it weren't a bunch of stoners or at least high on acid are just ignorant.

It's safe to say that any anime, Disney or Cartoon Network show is most likely the product of some guys in a room tripping on acid. It's also safe to say that anyone who watches "Pokemon" over the age of 12 is most definitely stoned.

Thus, much like with "Hey Arnold" and "The Fairly Odd Parents," the loveable pokémon will forever hold a following outside the little kids who stop tuning in. And for all those stoners who love Pikachu and Charizard, there's now paraphernalia of your favorite Pokemon, so you can truly "smoke them all."

Your mouth goes on the head, the grass goes in the ass... sounds about right.

Let's make a knitted cover so our parents will never notice

To unsuspecting parents, it's just another glass figurine their kid collects.

Could double as a classy broach.

In case your parents had any doubts about your hobbies, just wear this around.

If you get high enough, maybe Pikachu will help you catch 'em all.

If only Pokémon actually had the power to hide weed in their heads.

No one ever wanted to catch this one, so they banished it to glass.

Yes, this is what you look like after two hits.

Not sure how to use this one any better than how to explain it.

For those of you who like to trip out after smoking.

Do you really expect me not to make a Charmander pun? Good, then I wont.