Genius Creates Shoes That Grow For Children In Impoverished Countries (Photos)

Every day, people are coming up with new, innovative ways to change the world.

Today, we introduce you to Kenton Lee, a man who has created something that could change the lives of children in impoverished countries.

Lee started an organization called The Shoe That Grows to help put a stop to kids having to live without proper footwear.

Nearly 300 million children navigate around these impoverished towns, cities and countries barefoot because footwear can be expensive for a growing child and many families just don't have the financial flexibility.

According to Bored Panda, Lee's growing shoe design is expandable and durable.

Despite the fact that shoe donations are helpful, it is important to remember in the near future, these children will outgrow them.

Lee's goal is to change that.

Meet Kenton Lee, a man who aims to help all children have footwear in underprivileged  countries:

Lee's The Shoe That Grows is a line of footwear with the ability to grow five sizes and last five years:

The design of the growing shoe features three different spots that allow the shoe to expand into bigger sizes:

The Shoe That Grows can potentially help over 300 million children who don't have access to new footwear that properly fits:

Check out the video below for a closer look:

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