Genius Combines 10 Fast Food Burgers To Form A Monstrous 'Uber Burger' (Photos)

There is no culinary challenge too large when it comes to conquering the #foodporn scene.

Case in point: the Uber-Burger.

Created by the evil geniuses over at First We Feast, this burger isn't your run-of-the-mill burger that boasts a single patty.

Instead, it's a compilation of 10 burgers that represents fast-food options located within a five-mile radius of the company's office in New York City.

Now, that's a lot of meat.

However, making an epic skyscraper of a sandwich isn't an easy task.

The First We Feast crew managed to get all 10 burgers back to their office within less than an hour, then removed each burger's top bun and began stacking these babies according to patty size.

The Uber burger starts out with a Large Fatburger as its base, followed by a Steak and Shake Orginal Steakburger, a Burger King Whopper, an Umami Original Burger, a Five Guys Cheeseburger, a Checkers Big Buford, a Dave's Hot 'N Juicy from Wendy's and finally to top it all off an almighty McDonald's Big Mac.

Trust me, this bad boy is a meaty masterpiece and it looks just as impressive as it sounds.

First We Feast just created an insane fast-Frankenfood sandwich that will put even the baddest of burgers to shame.

Behold, the Uber Burger. Rightfully named, this over-the-top monstrosity boasts some of the best burgers in NYC.

It covers all the burger bases: meat, lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes and cheese.

The Uber burger was carefully constructed starting with the widest patties on the bottom for added stability.

But what goes up must eventually come back down, and be devoured by a bunch of hungry, self-acclaimed #foodporn engineers.

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