Here's How You Can Win 3.14 Years Of Free Pizza Hut In Honor Of Pi Day

When it comes to our least favorite subjects in school, math tends to top the list.

Let's face it, crunching numbers is kind of boring and pretty hard. Plus, I think it's safe to say, at some point, we all sat back and asked ourselves,

When the hell will I need to use Pi to solve a real-life problem?

Well, the answer is actually right now.

Yep, if you're one of the few people who bothered to pay attention in math class all those years, your dedication is about to pay off.

March 14 happens to be National Pi Day, and in honor of this mathematical holiday, Pizza Hut is giving away 3.14-years worth of free pizza pies.

But you're going to have to use your brain because, in order to win, you'll need to answer three math problems created by Princeton mathematics professor John H. Conway.

If you're looking to get in on the action, Pizza Hut will reportedly distribute the questions online at 8 am on March 14 and award three mathematical geniuses (one for each question) with this grand pizza prize.

However, I'm pretty sure these calculations aren't going to be very easy since the folks over at Pizza Hut couldn't even figure out the answer to the contest's hardest question.

In a statement, Conway said,

Pi may be irrational, but free pizza is anything but. I'm eager to challenge America with these problems and find the next great pizza-loving mathematician that can solve them.

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