This Fox Stuffed Animal's Exotic World Travels Will Make You Jealous (Photos)

The Traveling Mr. Fox

As kids, we all had that one stuffed animal that was really special to us.

You know, the one that attended every tea party, sat in on every bedtime story and always came along to Grandma's house.

In my case, it was a stuffed dog named Patches. No matter how dirty and disheveled he got over the years, I would never dream of going somewhere without him.

If there's one person who knows how special a stuffed animal can be, it's Jessica Johnson.

When Jessica was 3 years old, she was given a stuffed animal named Mr. Fox as a birthday present from family-friend Gary Moore.

While Mr. Fox may seem like your average stuffed animal, he is extremely far from ordinary.

This plush creature happens to be quite the traveler, and over the past 32 years, he has been traveling the world alongside his adventurous owner.

In 2006, Jessica set out on her biggest trip yet, and since then, these two have been documenting their jet-setting journeys. Mr. Fox even has is own Instagram page where he shows off his travels.

From trips to Italy and France to vacations in New York City and Hawaii, it's pretty safe to say this fox has gone where no other stuffed animal has gone before.

Not to mention, his awesome pictures would probably put your boring Instagram selfies to shame.

After Gary was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last year, Jessica and Mr. Fox started planning their next big adventure.

But this time, they won't be doing the traveling. Instead, they're working on a fundraising project to send Gary on his own trip around the world.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome traveling fox.

Meet Mr. Fox and Jessica.

Gary gave Mr. Fox to Jessica on her third birthday.

 Since then, the two have set out to travel the world.

 They've been everywhere from Cinque Terre, Italy...

...and Colombia... cute villages in Germany...

...and all over Scotland.

They've climbed waterfalls...

...and scaled volcanoes in Hawaii.

No matter where Jessica goes, Mr. Fox always comes along for the ride. These two have seen everything in Istanbul...

...and historic cities like Rome.

They've taken to the streets of Italian villages...

...and snapped selfies outside of England's Buckingham Palace.

This little stuffed animal has even seen the Mona Lisa.

Sometimes you can find Mr. Fox posing in front of castles...

...or stopping by Radio City.

Other times he's hanging on the streets of Paris...

...or holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Mr. Fox may be pretty small...

...but he certainly has a big sense of adventure.