You Can Play A Massive Game Of Snake With These London Fountains (Video)

It seems hard to believe we used to live in a world where endless choices of apps and games weren't just a few taps away on our touchscreen phones.

Remember Snake? The game that would come pre-loaded on all of those brick-sized Nokia phones in the 90s?

Well, if you were a fan of Snake, you'll be glad to know you can experience the frustrating defeat of this classic game once again. It's making a colossal comeback even bigger than the cell phone you used to play it on.

That's right, a giant version of your beloved game now exists.

Recently, the team behind the fountains at Kings Cross' Granary Square in London set out to transform water fountains into an epic, life-sized version of Snake that can be played by the general public.

To get in on the gaming action, all you have to do it download the Granary Squirt app on your smartphone.

Stop by the fountains between 5 pm and 8 pm, and once you have the app open, you can control the fountain lights and thus the movement of your snake by tilting your phone in various directions.

Just like the original, this gigantic version gets progressively harder as your snake grows increasingly longer and it becomes more and more difficult to avoid other snakes and fountain obstacles.

And just as you would expect, the giant version is just as frustratingly fun and addictive as its smaller screen-sized predecessor.

Check out the video to see these awesome Snake fountains in London.

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