Wine And Cheese Shots Are Here To Take Your Pregame To The Next Level

by Alexa Mellardo

Someone decided to make wine and cheese shots, and they may very well ruin your deep love for the duo… FOREVER.


Some things simply belong together and are sweet heaven to the tastebuds when eaten at the same time, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for instance.

BUT when we're talking about wine and cheese, you want a sip of Merlot… and THEN enjoy a bite of your main squeeze Gouda.

When I saw this video on how to make wine and cheese shots, I was left feeling conflicted AF.

One v. passionate Facebook user named Robbie was absolutely distraught about this ~blasphemous~ combination.

He wrote,

This is actually an insult to any actual wine and cheese lovers. Why in the name of the sweet lord would you use plain American cheddar for this? I hope you used $2 chuck here because any decent wine would be ruined by that disgusting cheese. Blasphemy. Don't understand. Who made the decision to use that cheese? Seriously...WHAT?! Is this a 5yr old's birthday party? Is that grape juice?? Can I get some support here?

I feel you, Robbie, I feel you.



First off, hold the heck up for one hot second because what TF is going on here?! I feel like there's an unspoken law in the book of "Wine And Cheese Protocol" that would simply NOT ALLOW THIS COMBO.

Secondly, would I try one of these wine and cheese shots? Probably, TBH (because let's be real, it would be an extremely rare occurrence for this chick over here to ever turn down wine and cheese).

Wine and cheese are two of my favorite things in the entire world so you can see my dilemma.

These babies would probably turn any pregame into a classy AF affair.


When all is said and done, I applaud the effort, but I simply cannot go along with this sorry charade for one second longer. IT'S KILLING ME.

Wine should stick to a crystal glass, while cheese should remain on its board accompanied by honey and an assortment of fruit.

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