'The Rolling Stone' Dish Is The Insane Breakfast Creation You Need To Try

There's a brunch item in the heart of West Hollywood that's drawn foodies to Estrella like ants to a half-eaten Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (not that we condone leaving behind peanut butter cups).

A while back, Estrella introduced an innovative dish called "The Rolling Stone".

It featured a poached egg inside an avocado, which was then wrapped with bacon. Between the runny egg yolk, the vibrant avocado and the crisp bacon, the entree is an Instagrammer's Holy Grail.


The popular item, which was only available to 10 customers per day, went through some fine-tuning, and chef Dakota Weiss created "The Rolling Stone: Volume 2".

The upgrade features a poached egg, wrapped in prosciutto, that's placed inside an avocado with shaved black truffle. The egg-filled avocado is then wrapped in bacon and topped with more black truffle.

If the Christopher Nolan film "Inception" was reimagined with food, this would be that masterpiece.


"The Rolling Stone: Volume 2" is only available on weekends at Estrella. If you have your heart set on the eggy item, make sure to call ahead and reserve yours in advance.

Watch the video for a closer look at this insane entree, and check out Foodbeast for more awesome food stories.