Taco Bell Now Has Cap'n Crunch Doughnut Holes That Look Unbelievable (Photos)

It's no secret breakfast is one of the most important, not to mention delicious, meals of the day.

A while back, we told you about those awesome cereal cookies that transformed your favorite morning food into one awesome meal mashup.

If you thought that was pretty epic, you might want to brace yourself: Your beloved bowl of cereal is about to get another sweet makeover.

That's right, Cap'n Crunch Doughnut Holes are now a real thing, and they're probably the best thing that has ever happened to Saturday morning since the advent of cartoons themselves.

Thanks to Taco Bell's latest dessert endeavor, you no longer have to choose between your coveted Cap'n Crunch and some delectable doughnut holes.

Now, you can simultaneously eat the two together in delicious harmony.

Taco Bell recently gave the folks over at Foodbeast a sneak preview of the new, top-secret dessert, and there's no denying these tasty little treats look absolutely amazing.

So what exactly is a Cap'n Crunch Doughnut Hole?

Well, it's a sweet ball of dough that has been fried to doughnut-y perfection, filled with a warm gooey milk icing and topped with a dusting of more Cap'n Crunch Berries for good measure.

Sadly, you can only find these mouthwatering treats in Bakersfield, CA, at the moment, but it's only a matter of time before they take over the fast food dessert scene and then conquer the world.

Behold, Taco Bell's Cap'n Crunch Doughnut Holes.

It's a delicious Cap'n Crunch doughnut hole filled with delectable milk icing...

...and smothered in a mountain of mouth-watering Cap'n Crunch Berries.

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