Redditor Uses Heinz's Recipe To Bake A Ketchup Cake

When I imagine what hell is like, I just see rivers of molten hot ketchup.

So unbeknownst to me up until now, Heinz Canada offers a recipe for a dessert it calls the "Great Canadian Ketchup Cake." No, you can't find the recipe in the "Meals That Should Never Exist Cookbook."

This recipe is right on the back of the bottle. God, it's just "anything goes" up in Canada, huh?

A brave Redditor by the name of Greg Nuttle decided to undertake the creation of such a cake. Watch the first part of his series of YouTube videos chronicling his effort above.

I will say that the end result of his baking session looks pretty appetizing.

But does it taste like day-old, room-temperature catsup (also, just never use the word "catsup" in my presence, ever)?

Watch Greg and three of his friends try the cake for themselves. Will they gag?

Nope! Apparently, the ketchup isn't even that prominent in the final result and the whole recipe tastes like carrot cake.

Their verdict? "Perfectly acceptable."

Even Greg, who is a vegan, managed to give the cake, which contains eggs, a try. Not only did he like it, but even his dog even shared some enthusiasm for the dish.

If you're planning your friend's birthday party, I'd say give this recipe a try.

Although, really... what's next? Mustard pie?

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