New Study Says Drinking Wine Can Make You More Creative, So Cheers To That

by Brenda Santana
Want You Back/Shutterstock

Have you ever been judged for enjoying a glass of wine during lunch? Or opting for a mimosa at an early brunch, instead of coffee? Well, it turns out you might be onto something -- because aside from making you extra confident, a recent study revealed that another benefit of drinking wine is that it'll make you creative.

The wine-centered study conducted by a team of Austrian scientists was published in the journal Consciousness & Cognition. They found that a small glass of wine, or a small pint of beer, can help you become more creative. You might not want to chug an entire bottle of rosé, though. Keep it moderate to get those creative juices flowing.

The study worked by taking a group of participants where some were given alcoholic beer and others were given non-alcoholic beer. The participants were then given a word association assignment where they were asked what came to mind when they heard the words swiss, blue, and cake.

Those who drank beer with alcohol were more likely to guess "cheese" as the correct association word.

Dr. Mathias Benedek was the head author of the study, and he assures skeptics that alcohol is indeed linked to creativity using research that proves a large number of talented writers have had a history of drinking.

The key to using wine to induce creativity is moderation. If you drink too much, doing work that requires focus can become increasingly more difficult. Come on, no one wants to turn in a nonsensical report and be embarrassed when they're called out by their boss.

“It might well work for someone who is sitting down to do creative writing or brainstorming ideas in a boardroom,” Benedek says in the studySo maybe don't have a glass if you're balancing someone's checkbook or doing someone's taxes.