Holy Sh*t! 3D Doritos Are Coming Back With A New Twist (Photos)

Before printing technology made it easy to create 3D food, there was one snack that set out to become a pioneer of three-dimensional deliciousness.

Remember when Doritos created a 3D version of its classic chips back in the 90s?

Well, the chip brand is at it again, but this time, it's resurrecting this blast from the past and making it even bigger and better.

Behold, Doritos Jacked 3D. Just as the name implies, these tasty triangles are pretty much like the original 3D snack on steroids since they're apparently 40 times bigger in size, thickness and awesomeness.

Doritos will be dishing out these badass bags of chips in two drool-worthy flavors: Bacon Cheddar Ranch and Jalapeño Pepper Jack. If those doesn't sound heavenly enough on their own, you'll also be glad to know the puffed-up triangular shape of these 3D chips packs in way more flavor than the 90s version.

Starting this week, you'll be able to find the Jalapeño Pepper Jack flavor in some stores. But you'll have to suffer with those boring, flat chips for a bit little longer before you can get you hands on some of the Bacon Cheddar Ranch 3D Doritos, since the limited-edition flavor won't be hitting the shelves until this summer.

With these epic new Doritos, snacking will never be the same.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these awesome new Doritos.

Say hello to the new Jacked 3D Doritos.

They're back and better than ever with new flavors like Bacon Cheddar Ranch and Jalapeño Pepper Jack.

You'll never be able to go back to flat, boring chips after eating these tasty 3D triangles.

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