There's A Festival Exclusively For Hangry People And The Food Looks Insane

Like many of my fellow foodies, I suffer from chronic hungriness.

In fact, my hunger problems are so bad, I'm almost positive I'm actually a hippopotamus that was trapped in the body of a petite blonde girl by an evil wizard.

If being the victim of a cruel magic trick isn't bad enough, I also happen to have a severe hanger management problem.

Now I know what you're probably thinking, and the answer is, yes, standing at a whooping height of 5'3", I probably seem anything but threatening at first glance.

But don't let my innocent appearance fool you.

As soon as the stomach rumblies strike, all hell breaks loose and I instantly transform into a terrifying hangry she-hulk who's determined to destroy (and eat) anything that stands in my way.

No really, I'm serious. You don't want to fuck with me when I need food.

If you're someone who is all too familiar with the struggle of being hella hungry all the time, you might want to stop chewing for a second and pay attention.

I'm about to tell you something that might just be the greatest thing since the advent of snack packs.

Apparently, there's a food-filled festival in Brooklyn called Hangry Garden that specifically caters toward all the angry eaters out there.

In the heart of Hipsterland (aka Williamsburg), you'll find a lush, food-filled oasis that serves as the perfect spot to gather with fellow ill-tempered individuals and furiously stuff your face -- judgement free, of course!

According to the Hangry Garden's Eventbrite page, this place is a "one-stop shop incorporating many up and coming mobile food vendors alongside live music, art installations and games such as shuffleboard and foosball."

After you ease your hunger-induced rage by shamelessly devouring all sorts of tasty festival food...

You can satisfy your appetite for art by scoping out some of the installations...

Try your hand (or in this case, foot) at a life-sized game of pool...

Blow off a little steam with a few rounds of beer pong...

...or snag some brewskis and work on your midday blackout with bae.

Did I mention this festival also has a badass adult Slip 'N Slide?

Plus free samples...


I mean, seriously, this place is a hangry heaven on Earth where the possibilities are pretty much endless.

If you're looking to get in on the angry eating action, the Hangry Garden food festival will be open Thursday through Sunday until October, and admission is free! Happy eating!

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