5 Types Of Food You Can Eat To Boost Vaginal Health For A Better Sex Life

There are few things more exciting than knowing you're about to get laid.

But as we all know, preparation is key.

You shave and wax (or not), you wash your hair (or not) and the stars align to keep all blemishes away from your soon-to-be very happy face.

Even though the outside of your body is ready, you'll also need to prepare the inside for the optimal romp in the sack.

Here's what you should be eating to get ready for your own night of sexual Olympics:

Daytime hydration

You have to start with cranberry juice, of course. Do you need the threat of a UTI in your way? Absolutely not.

However, beware of sugar content. One or two servings will be plenty to help cleanse away any pesky bacteria trying to cockblock you.

Green tea is another great option. It has catechins, which also decrease bacteria in the body.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, like any good athlete would.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with a banana

Greek yogurt has live active cultures and Lactobacillus acidophilus ("good" bacteria), which literally kills off yeast infections.

It also keeps the pH down there just right, and that's very important for sexcapades.

The probiotics in Greek yogurt can make you feel less bloated, while the potassium found in bananas offsets sodium, leaving your stomach nice and flat.

For lunch: salad with salmon and cubed sweet potatoes

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for circulation throughout the whole body.

They keep the blood flowing to your lady parts, which can completely enhance your sex drive and also help with lubrication.

Sweet potatoes have Vitamin A, which your vagina really loves. It keeps your vaginal walls healthy and helps generate the hormones we need to stay energetic, getting you horny and ready to go.

The leafy greens in your salad will also enhance circulation and blood flow, which in turn increases stimulation and arousal.

Snack: apples and almonds

Apples contain phloridzin, which mimics the female sex hormone estradiol.

Add the hydrating properties of the Vitamin E found in almonds, and “dry” will not be in your vagina's vocabulary.

For dinner: sushi with miso soup and edamame

Dinner can be tricky. You've been eating for your vagina all day, and you both deserve an awesome meal.

But, you're training for a marathon of boning.

Would Serena Williams eat a 24-ounce steak right before she played the US Open? No, she would order it the next night to celebrate her victory after she DOMINATED.

Sushi is the perfect pre-sex meal. It's delicious, a little fancy and won't leave you with a heavy feeling later.

Get a roll with salmon or tuna (for omega-3s) and avocado (for the B6 and potassium) to help boost your libido.

Unprocessed soy helps with lubrication, so the miso and edamame will keep things moist down there for game time.

Wasabi is viewed as an aphrodisiac, so give your partner as much as he or she can handle.

Wasabi root also contains zinc, which is the property in oysters that gives them their infamous reputation.


Dark chocolate is, of course, the obvious choice because it contains phenylalanine, the amino acid that creates dopamine (the feel-good chemical).

Again, it can't hurt to keep things light. The best move? Get your dessert to go for a little post-game replenishment.

Sweets in bed is truly the perfect victory lap.