Deep-Fried Margaritas Are Here To Ruin Your Chance At A Summer Body (Photos)

Two of my favorite things in life just so happen to be dessert and getting turnt up.

So obviously, I'm a huge fan of anything that lets me save time by getting drunk while simultaneously stuffing my face with sweets.

Remember when we showed you those awesome deep-fried tequila shots?

Well, if you thought those were insane, you'll be glad to know you can get wavy with another tasty tequila treat because deep-fried margaritas are now a real thing, and they're simply glorious.

Created by the party animals over at Oh, Bite It!, these tasty treats transform your favorite cocktail into a badass boozy dessert that tastes like a delicious fiesta of lime, salt and tequila.

But the best part is you can make this at home since Oh, Bite It! was nice enough to share the sweet secrets.

Just follow the recipe directions, and within no time, you'll have a mountain of deep-fried margarita munchies that will take your Cinco de Mayo celebrations to the next level.

Forget the boring cocktails.

Deep-fried margaritas let you have your favorite boozy beverage and eat it, too.

These decadent treats turn your favorite Cinco de Mayo drink into a mouthwatering treat smothered in tequila glaze and topped with a sprinkle of salt.

To make these bad boys, you'll need a lemon cake, a margarita for the recipe (and one for yourself, of course), salt and oil for frying as well as some powdered sugar, tequila and lime zest for the glaze.

First, cut the cake into one-inch cubes...

...then dunk them in the margarita and place them in hot oil until they're fried to golden perfection.

Next, mix the tequila, powdered sugar and lime juice and smother each crispy cube in the glaze.

Then, just sprinkle a bit of salt over each one and voilà!

You now have one seriously delicious way to get wavy on Cinco de Mayo.

If only we could get drunk off of all of our favorite desserts.

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