Cotton Candy Creations Are Making All Of Our Childhood Dreams Come True

ATTENTION COTTON CANDY LOVERS: Do you love ice cream as much as you love your cloud-like sugary treat? Well, now you can truly get the best of both worlds.

Foodies everywhere are going crazy for Ruimilk — the NYC-based sweets venue that pairs delicious soft serve ice cream with cotton candy. But it's not just the combination of these two treats that has New Yorker's taste buds singing.

Ruimilk has made its cotton candy creations its signature, creating captivating designs out of the treat. This amazing new trend gives you a cup full of your favorite soft serve and tops it with a magical cotton candy creation that will for sure brighten your day.

Obviously, people are over the average ice cream cone. No, now the people want something more intricate that will delight both their palettes and their eyes.

From panda-shaped cotton candy to thunderstorm candy clouds, you have never seen cotton candy like this in your wildest dreams. If this isn't what happiness looks like, then I don't know what is.

Take a look at these mind-blowing cotton candy works of art and try not drool in the process.

This panda is SO FLUFFY.

And this rainbow mountain? Blissful.

This storm cloud should make me sad, but it doesn't.

This hot air balloon treat is dreamy.

Even without the cotton candy, this ice cream looks amazing.

It's like a big TUTU.

Ugh, I'm hungry now.

They even have macarons. FANCY.

Is Ruimilk on Seamless?

Because I needed this cotton candy in my life, like, yesterday.