Stoners, Rejoice! Ben & Jerry's Might Make A Weed-Flavored Ice Cream

When it comes to getting creative in the kitchen, having the munchies can really inspire you to craft some insanely delicious concoctions.

If there's anyone who knows this, it's the dynamic frozen dairy duo behind Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Take one look at their quirky and mouthwatering flavors, and it's not hard to see these guys are no strangers to smoking some piff every now and then.

Recently, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield hinted they might be taking their ice cream endeavors to a higher level and said they'd be totally down to create a weed-infused flavor in the future.

That's right, pretty soon you might be able to have your weed and eat it in the form of a tasty frozen treat, too.

However, this ice cream would only be made in places where marijuana has been legalized, of course.

When asked about the possibly of making a stoner-inspired flavor, Ben told Huffington Post,

Makes sense to me... Combine your pleasures.

Jerry also chimed in with his opinion of the idea, saying,

Ben and I have had previous experiences with substances... I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing, rather than putting people in jail for not hurting anybody else. I'm very supportive of that.

Then again, this announcement shouldn't really come as a surprise. Ben & Jerry's has been cranking out a bunch of badass flavors making subtle references to their stone-y support for a while.

If special edition flavors like Magic Brownies..

...and the Bob Marley-inspired flavor, Satisfy My Bowl, didn't make it obvious enough...

...Ben & Jerry's could soon be making flavors that will really make you "half baked."

Check out the video below to see the full Huffington Post interview with Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

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