Sean Solomon

Amazing Food Trucks Show What Your Favorite Rappers Would Serve (Photos)

Food trucks have really come a long way since the days of dealing street meat from a simple hot dog cart.

Nowadays, most food vendors ride around in a fully functioning kitchen on wheels with an eye-catching logo sprawled across the side.

But have you ever wondered what food trucks would look like if a bunch of lyrical geniuses hijacked their logos?

Well, we no longer have to wonder, thanks to Sean Solomon.

As the art director for the FOX show "Lucas Bros. Moving Co.," this Los Angeles-based artist is no stranger to coming up with some pretty creative sketches.

In one of the show's latest episodes, he created a series of hip food truck logos inspired by his favorite rappers, and there's no denying these might be the funniest food trucks of all time.

From Lil' Kimchi and Jay-Ziti to Kanye Asada and the Notorious BLT, all of Solomon's stylish lunch truck logos are dripping in hilariously delicious swag.

If one thing is certain, you'll never want to eat lunch in the cafeteria again after chowing down on a Waka Flaka Falafel.

Take a look at the photos below to see these comical hip-hop food trucks.


Lil' Kimchi is so good it should be illegal

Waka Flaka Falafels

All the single ladies love Bey-Entrees

Cod Future CFWGKTA

Believe me sweetie, The Notorious BLT's got enough to feed the needy

Tribe Called Lobster Rolls

Kanye Asada is so spicy, it will make you beg for mercy

Drake's Cakes & Shakes

Jay-Ziti hustles meatballs by the O-Z

Master Pea Soup

It's getting hot in Peanut Butter & Nelly's

De La Soul Food

Snoop's Doggs go great with some gin and juice

Uncle Taco's Tacos

Griddle Wayne is the best breakfast alive

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