The Famous Hand-Holding Couple From Instagram Has Inspired A Breathtaking, Globetrotting Video

You've seen their photos just about everywhere at this point. They're everyone's favorite hand-holding couple who gained the reputation of world class travelers who document their voyages by uploading their awesome "Follow Me To" photos on Instagram.

For months now, we've been able to actually feel as if we're traveling to these places just by scrolling through their Instagram feed. Murad Osmann is the man behind the camera, and his girlfriend is in front of it. But if you've seen these photos before, you can't help but wonder what it would be like if they made videos instead.

Well, we've got good news. Samy Ayachi was inspired by Osmann's series so he decided to make a video of the concept and it's awesome.

In a recent trip to Myanmar, Ayachi and his girlfriend decided to make a video instead of photos, due to the simple fact that Myanmar is far too beautiful to not want to overly document. The video is called "Hand in Hand to Myanmar".

Check it out above for a closer look!