These Floating Houses In Dubai Give You Amazing Views Under The Sea (Photos)

When it comes to showing off, no one (or place) does it better than Dubai.

While we usually show you over-the-top homes, you may be surprised to find this one is actually under-the-top -- of the sea, that is.

Thanks to the always ambitious Kleindienst Group, you can finally fulfill your dreams of becoming the mermaid you always knew you were by living in The Floating Seahorse.

These awesome underwater homes are being built as part of The Heart of Europe segment of Dubai's man-made World Islands.

There's also special meaning behind the name.

According to the company's press release,

[It plans to] create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.

However, if you want your very own underwater estate, you better act fast; 35 of the 42 homes have been taken by marine-loving millionaires.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some renderings of these awesome ocean pads.

This is The Floating Seahorse.

You can live in a luxurious home actually under the sea.

This insane aquatic residence features three levels oozing in oceanic opulence...

Including a sea-level living room, dining room, kitchen...

...and a lavish roof deck with a hot tub and mini bar.

The lower level features an underwater bedroom where you sleep with the fish...

...and a bathroom with some pretty impressive sea views.

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