Father Takes Unclaimed Land To Officially Make His Daughter A Princess

by Robert Anthony
Jeremiah Heaton

How do you plan on being remembered?

Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to become famous and filthy rich, but there are still some pretty awesome things you can do to make sure people remember your name, or at least your family name.

One of those things could be making your daughter's wildest dreams come true. Take Jeremiah Heaton, for instance. This Virginia-based farmer and father of three decided to found his very own kingdom on an unclaimed piece of land in Africa.

Why, you ask? Well, simply because he promised to make his daughter, Emily, a legitimate princess.

According to Daily Mail, on June 16 of last year, Heaton traveled to Bir Tawil, the border between Egypt and Sudan, to officially plant his flag on the land. June 16 also happened to be the day Emily turned 7.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Heaton explained,

I started trying to find land that didn't belong to any nation or tribe or government, and discovered Bir Tawil, the only piece of land on earth that is unclaimed.

Once he was given the green light from Egyptian authorities, Heaton traveled over 6,000 miles. That's when the Kingdom of North Sudan was founded. Oh, and that's when Emily officially became a princess!

It's like something out of a movie: An American farmer wants to make his daughter a princess, so he travels to Africa and plants a flag that he and his family designed on the back of a placemat in a restaurant -- just like that, a fairytale was born.

As for Heaton's plans with his kingdom... Let's just say he's not going to forget about it.

He told Daily Mail,

I asked my children what we should do with the land, and they said they wanted to grow a garden big enough to feed everyone in the world.

That's when he had the brilliant idea to start fundraising to build The Ark, a laboratory where scientists would conduct research to figure out how to produce crops with limited water supply.

There would be a lot less starved people on Earth if Heaton was able to help produce a breakthrough method!

So far, the new king has taken to Indiegogo with an intended crowdfunding goal of $250,000, but he'll probably need to raise about $2 billion to really make waves.

You can donate here.

Meet Jeremiah Heaton, one of the coolest dads you'll ever hear about.

Jeremiah Heaton

He did something really special for both the world and his daughter.

Jeremiah Heaton

His daughter, Emily, wanted to be a princess, so he founded a kingdom called the Kingdom of North Sudan.

Jeremiah Heaton

It's located in Bir Tawil.

Jeremiah Heaton

Thanks to her father, Emily is now a princess!

Jeremiah Heaton

If that doesn't sound like something out of a movie, we're not sure what does!

Jeremiah Heaton

As for the rest of his family, well, they're all officially royals!

Jeremiah Heaton

Learn more about how Heaton plans to change the world below.

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