Family Discovers Hidden Apartment Where Someone Was Living Behind Bookcase In Their Home (Photos)

Imagine living in your house for decades and eventually figuring out that there's a secret outlet leading to a space where a squatter has been living? That'd be pretty outrageous and down right creepy, wouldn't it?! Well, that's exactly what happened to this family!

Two boys were playing in their house when they discovered that a turnable bookcase revealed a secret stairway to a room that had obviously been lived in by someone who shouldn't have been there.

Found underneath the home were food wrappers, creepy dolls, banana peels, a weird key and a toy elephant; don't expect to find anything normal belonging to someone who was living in your home against your will for years.

After reporting the discovery to the police, authorities are still on the hunt for the potential squatter. Check out the photos below and see the bizarre situation for yourself.

Here's the totally normal bookcase

While playing, the boys somehow figured out that it opens

Behind the bookcase is a set of stairs

Not just any stairs -- spiral stairs to top it all off

Down the steps is a secret crawl space/passage

Candy wrappers, a banana peel and other food items were a clear indication that someone had been living there

The boys even found this creepy looking toy elephant

A strange looking key was found but no one is sure what it unlocks

Perhaps the creepiest things discovered were the demonic dolls

Yup, definitely demonic...

H/T: Viral Nova, Photos courtesy of Imgur