Bubble Eyeliner Is The Funky New Makeup Trend You Need To Try This Summer

If you've ever tried to line your lids with a seductive cat eye, you know drawing on those heavenly wings can be absolute HELL.

Sure, drawing a simple, straight line across your eyelid doesn't sound all that difficult.

But trust me, there are some mornings when I feel like getting a perfect score on the SATs would be easier than getting my darn eyeliner wings to look even.

In fact, if it wasn't for some Q-tips and makeup remover, I would probably leave my house looking like a blindfolded toddler applied my makeup every morning.

If you happen to share my makeup struggles, you might be interested in the latest beauty trend that's creating a lot of buzz on the Internet.

It's called bubble eyeliner, and it's the answer to all our eyeliner prayers.

This new look ditches the straight lines for some playful bubbles.

Apparently, Youtube beauty vlogger Jenny Gonzalez is responsible for bringing this adorable trend into the spotlight, and it seems like a pretty easy look that doesn't require too much skill to master.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this interesting eye makeup trend.

If you thought cat eyes were the coolest way to make your peepers pop...

I hate to burst your bubble, but there's a new type of winged liner in town.

Now, ladies are ditching the straight lines for some bumpy wings...

...thanks to the rising popularity of bubble eyeliner.

Topping your liner with a series of dots... a simple way to takes your eye makeup to the next level.

Plus, this scalloped style looks stunning in pretty much any color.

This look is actually pretty easy to master, and there's no wrong way to rock this bumpy beauty trend!

Seriously, who knew putting on eyeliner could be so easy?