This Video Shows The Crazy Evolution Of The Bikini And How Far It's Come

Swimwear significantly changed over the past century.

Nowadays, you can find swimsuits in all shapes and sizes, varying from basic bikinis and butt-baring Brazilians to cut-out monokinis and sexy one pieces.

For most girls, the classic bikini is pretty much a beach fashion staple.

But, did you know your beloved bikinis have come a long way since the days your grandma hit the beach?

That's right, showing some skin in a sexy bikini wasn't really deemed appropriate back in the day, and ladies didn't really even rock two pieces until the 1960s.

To show how much the bikini has evolved over time, Breathless Resorts & Spas recently teamed up with Playboy model Amanda Cerny to create a video called "Evolution Of The Bikini." It highlights the popular swimwear trends of every decade over the past 100 years.

Bikini trends have become a lot more revealing with the passage of time, and after seeing some of these old suits, you'll be glad you grew up in this era.

Seriously, the tan lines from those suits must have been awful.

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