This 'All-You-Can-Fly' Service Is About To Make Traveling In Europe So Easy

Flying in Europe would be much better if we didn't have to cram into the coach cabin after hours of airport BS.

Oh wait, that's totally a thing now, thanks to Surf Air.

Surf Air is an "all you can fly" membership service available in some parts of the US. Starting in October, this world-class flying experience will be available in Europe too. In the US, it costs $1,950 a month, after a $1,000 initiation fee.

Surf Air is for those who like to fly private for business, not necessarily leisure fliers. Plus, since it's not commercial, the airline isn't held to the same safety standards and requirements as others. That being said, there is an extensive process to becoming a member. They 're not letting just anyone on these comfy, wifi-equipped planes.

However, not having to deal with check-in and security for hours at the airport prior to a flight seems like a pretty good deal. Surf Air members can book a flight in a few seconds and arrive right before the plane takes off. They don't have to worry about rolling up to the airport, either, because they can reserve valet parking. Bonus, members' cars are returned to them washed when they get back. Fancy.

Surf Air has operated in select cities for the past three years in California and Nevada, like Los Angeles, Napa, San Francisco, Sacramento and Las Vegas to name a few.

European members, who will pay £2,500 a month (around $3,225) can fly as much as they want between locations like London, Zurich, Geneva and Cannes. Soon Surf Air will offer weekend flights to locations like Mallorca and Ibiza. Obviously, whoever's mapping out these routes knows where the party's at. In the future, the company plans on adding Paris, Milan, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Dublin and Barcelona to its list of destinations.

European members don't have to fly alone either. They can purchase one-way guest passes for £750 (about $975).

If I lived in Europe and had an extra couple thousand dollars lying around, I totally would sign up for this. I mean, transportation via train in Europe is already pretty awesome but let's be real, flying private is much cooler. A girl can dream, right?

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