20 Amazing Wedding Moments That Prove Love Can Be As Fun As You Are

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life, so obviously you want the whole thing to be picture perfect.

But for some unconventional pairs out there, the monotonous church ceremonies and routine receptions with awful food, bad dancing and sh*tty DJs just don't cut it.

Free-spirited couples want their weddings to be just as fun and spontaneous as they are.

So, it's no surprise they usually decide to ditch the traditional ways of tying the knot and turn their nuptials into epic parties celebrating their love in unique and truly memorable ways.

Whether they're are trading in the black-tie attire for some creative costumes, bringing their favorite hobbies up to the alter or simply adding some excitement to their vows, these newlyweds really know how to throw one hell of a wedding.

Seriously, raise your glass. These people deserve a toast.

Take a look at the photos below to see some of the craziest wedding moments on Pinterest.

Two Jewish grooms on a unicorn... That's one way to make an entrance.

A celebratory champagne shower is the best way to ruin the bride's hair.

May the marital force be with you.

Now that the "I dos" are done, it's time to play ball.

A bridal pool party is the best way to destroy those ugly bridesmaid dresses.

These groomsmen just can't stop horsing around.

No wedding reception is complete without a synchronized swim show.

Pay no attention to the grizzly gal trying to get in on the bouquet toss.

Walking on water looks way cooler than walking down the aisle.

Every bridal frat party needs a little formal flip cup.

 These two aren't afraid to take the plunge.

That's a real bridezilla.

 Forget the church bells, these guys are all about boats and boards.

If you're not into water sports, you can always hit a couple of snow-covered slopes on your special day.

This preacher spits some serious ceremony game.

It's not a real wedding until a lightsaber fight breaks out.

 Kidnapping the groom is the best cure for cold feet.

That's what you get for hiring a Justice of the Peace from the Jurassic period.

Nothing makes your wedding photos memorable like a Speedo-flashing photobomber in the background.

Ronald sure is lovin' this bride's taste in wedding venues.