This Guy Threw His Wife The Most Epic 'Harry Potter'-Themed Birthday (Photos)

Everyone reacts to surprises differently.

Corey Kundert surprised his wife, Amanda, who works in public relations, with a legendary "Harry Potter"-themed surprise party when she turned 26.

According to BuzzFeed, Amanda became a huge "Harry Potter" fan sometime within the past couple of years, when she and Corey ventured out on a camping trip and she needed an interesting book to read.

Since then, she's been completely obsessed with the series, and now it's finally paying off!

Check out the photos below for a closer look at Corey's gift to Amanda.

Corey Kundert threw an epic surprise party for his wife, Amanda, when she turned 26.

Since Amanda loves "Harry Potter," Corey decided the theme should be the book series. He started with a Hedwig balloon...

...and each note attached to the balloon contained "Harry Potter" pickup lines that Amanda couldn't possibly resist.

Corey also crafted this beautiful "cake a-la Hagrid."

As if that wasn't enough, he followed up with Mandrakes.

The big one was edible and made out of chocolate pudding topped with cookie crumbs. This is genuine happiness!

Corey cut a Barbie doll in half and dyed its hair green to resemble a literal Mandrake from the series. Seems legit!

Then came the broomsticks and Dementor's kisses. Yum!

She wrote on Imgur, "He made wands for all my [party] guests out of dowel rods and hot glue. He made me the elder wand as my birthday gift!"

Lastly, Corey made sure to wrap their door in a brick-like design marked with "9 3/4." That'll make any true "Harry Potter" fan feel right at home!

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