These Are All The Emoji Options We Really Need To Be Happy (Photos)

As emoji continues to evolve into its own language, we can't help but ask, how far will Apple go with the updates?

The company's most recent system update to iOS 8.3 has been considered a major breakthrough for emoji. Users now have the ability to choose which skin color they'd like to use to express themselves when using certain emoji.

There are also a slew of new sexual preference options allowing people to communicate comfortably with one another without having to use emoticons they can't necessarily relate to. It's safe to say texting just got upgraded.

But exactly how many more upgrades will emoji get?

Creative agency Brandfire reimagined emoji to offer even more choices of certain emoji types.

For example, instead of having to choose from only one type of sushi, this batch imagines users would be able to choose from a bunch of different types of sushi.

Instead of only being able to choose a pepperoni pizza slice, users would be able to choose a plain slice or a mushroom slice.

The list goes on and on, and it's awesome. Apple, if you're listening, we need these!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Why express hunger with a single piece of sushi when you can choose from six different types?

Too much of one thing is never good. Imagine being able to choose from other wines and not just a glass of merlot.

Sure, you feel like poop, but not all poop is the same.

The Space Invader emoji is cool, but we could think of a few other pixelated cartoons that deserve to shine!

Pepperoni slices are basic. Get crafty with different toppings and slice shapes. Pizza lovers, rejoice!

Not every woman knows how to walk in a pair of heels. And that's exactly why there should be a selection of shoes to choose from.

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