This Artist Created An Insanely Realistic Painting Of Ellen DeGeneres (Video)

Tons of people pay tribute to their favorite celebs by putting their artistic skills to the test and creating some fan art.

But not many people do it as well as Chris Minafo.

Minafo is an artist who also happens to be a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres.

In fact, one of Minafo's life long dreams is to "be able to sit on the couch next to Ellen on her show."

Recently, Minafo set out to create a piece of artwork with the hopes it might just be impressive enough to catch Ellen's attention.

He spent over 80 hours painting an insanely realistic 6-foot portrait of Ellen that is so damn good, it almost looks like a photograph of Ellen's smiling face.

Minafo uploaded a time-lapse video on YouTube that shows the whole process of painting this mesmerizing masterpiece, and there's no denying this guy is extremely talented (and dedicated, of course!)

Take a look at the video for a closer look at his photorealistic painting of Ellen.